The prime responsibility of the State is not only to make laws but also to provide an efficient mechanism of monitoring, viewing and publishing them. The deployment of stable and credible computerized content management system for a user friendly online availability of laws in this high-tech and modernized era of communication is inevitable.

Ministry of Law and Justice is committed to strengthen the rule of law, protecting the rights of the people, upholding the independence of judiciary and effecting good governance through participatory democracy. Easy access to authentic information is the mandate of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and, an essential prerequisite of good governance. This public service website aims at providing free access to all the Federal laws (principal/substantive as well as delegated/subordinate). Arrangements are on ground to keep the webiste updated on regular basis.

The Pakistan Code Website (PCW) has been developed and is managed by Ministry of Law and justice, and shall be kept updated on regular basis. Presently, the Site contains more than Nine Hundred substantive laws. The process of dove-tailing delegated legislation with these laws is currently in hand.

The basic objective of this user-friendly Website is to provide global access to the Federal Laws (principal as well as sub-ordinate). It will serve the general public and would be an invaluable tool for lawyers, judges, public servants, students, researchers and others.

The Website has an in-inbuilt facility of easy search: it allows the users to search laws in Alphabetical, Chronological (year-wise), Categorical and Division-wise. Moreover, free text search facility both in Urdu and English language is also available. The website also contains Keywords Index , Phrases Index and Black's Law Dictionary Index. All these searches and indices can be searched by just clicking on the relevant tab or area.

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