National Commission of Human Rights Act, 2012

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1 Short title, extent and commencement.
2 Definitions.
3 Establishment of Commission.
4 Appointment of Chairperson and members.
5 Term of office of Chairperson and of members.
6 Removal of the Chairperson and members.
7 Acting Chairperson.
8 Terms and conditions of service of members including Chairperson.
9 Functions of the Commission.
10 Procedure of the Commission.
11 Advisory Committee.
12 Inquiry into complaints.
13 Powers relating to inquires.
14 Procedure with respect to armed forces.
15 Procedure with respect to intelligence agencies.
16 Independence of the Commission.
17 Investigation.
18 Steps after inquiry.
19 Statement made by persons to the Commission.
20 Commission to preserve identity.
21 Human Rights Court.
22 Special prosecutors.
23 Fund of the Commission.
24 Expenditure to be charged on the Fund.
25 Power to obtain finances and receive grants.
26 Accounts and audit.
27 Financial freedom of the Commission.
28 Annual and special reports of the Commission.
29 Appointment of officers and employees.
30 Indemnity.
31 Members and officers to be public servants.
32 Validity of proceedings.
33 Power to make rules.
34 Power to remove difficulties.

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